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Skinners Field & Trial Maintenance Plus

Skinners Field & Trial Maintenance Plus

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Field & Trial Maintenance Plus is a complete working dry dog food designed specifically for adult dogs with day-to-day energy requirements, dogs who may benefit from additional joint support, or less active working dogs. It is formulated to provide the necessary nutrition to support joint health and overall well-being for dogs with a low to moderate activity level.

One of only two products in our range that has the Joint Aid for Dogs supplement in. The added formula Joint Aid provides additional nutrients to support joint health and keep joints healthy and supple. This is particularly beneficial for general joint support, aging dogs or those with joint-related concerns.

Maintenance Plus is ideal for dogs that have reduced activity levels or are getting older and may not require the same energy-dense diet as highly active working dogs.

This recipe is formulated for dogs that are prone to weight gain on other working dog formulations, as it provides a balanced level of protein (18%) and fat (11%) to support normal day-to-day activity without promoting excessive weight gain.

Field & Trial Maintenance Plus is an excellent choice for working dogs that are in their later years or have a lower activity level. It helps maintain their health, supports joint function, and assists with weight management to keep them in great condition during their less active periods or out of season activities..



It can be fed straight from the bag or, if your dog prefers, moistened a few minutes before serving with a small amount of tepid water.


MaizeWheatPoultry meat mealBarleyPoultry fatBeet pulpVitamins & mineralsJoint aid supplement


Nutritional additives per kg:

vitamin A17500iuvitamin D32000iuvitamin E (as all rac-alphatocopherol acetate)200mg

Trace Elements per kg:

iron (as iron (II) sulphate monohydrate)10mgiodine (as calcium iodate anhydrous)1.5mgcopper (as copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate)7mgmanganese (as manganese (II) oxide)50mgzinc (as zinc oxide)90mgselenium (as sodium selenite)0.1mgContains antioxidants & preservatives

Analytical Constituents:

Crude protein18%Crude fat11%Crude fibres2.6%Crude ash5.6%
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